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How to improve the life of the stamping die

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In practice to improve the life of the mold method:
1, to keep the mold parts stable
In the mold work, require all the parts on the mold to maintain a stable design position, mold processing gap, including punching, bending, forming and other convex and concave mold gap with the control of the relative position is an important aspect.
2, stamping in the material control
In the whole stamping process, how to ensure the location and support of the stamping material, should consider the material stress and strain, and material constraints.
3, the mold when the vibration control
In order to extend the life of the mold, it is intended that the effective part of the punch is lengthened and that measures should be taken to prevent skew or skew caused by punch vibration.
4, the parts of the waste control
Waste is due to the gap is too large, the role of the blanking on the material when the tensile force makes the stamping parts smaller than the mold cavity, but also because the bottom of the punch and waste paste caused by the phenomenon of vacuum suction caused by waste will reduce die life The
5, mold load control
Requiring the center of the load center of the mold and the pressure center of the press are basically the same in the front and rear direction.
In short, if the design of the mold to fully consider the above five areas, can greatly improve the service life of molds, mold maintenance costs, reduce the economic burden of enterprises.

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