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Effect of stamping die structure on safety

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Stamping die is the main processing equipment stamping, stamping parts is the upper and lower mold relative movement to complete. Processing due to the upper and lower molds continue to separate between, if the operator's fingers continue to enter or stay in the mold closed area, will be a serious threat to their personal safety.
(A) the main parts of the mold, the role and safety requirements
1. Working parts The male and female die is a working part that directly forms the blank, so it is a key part of the mold. (2) the material and heat treatment should have the appropriate requirements to prevent the hardness is too high and crisp, it is not only precise and complex, it should meet the following requirements: (1) should have sufficient strength, can not be broken in the stamping process or damage; crack.
2. Locating parts Locating parts are parts that determine the location of the blanks, with locating pins (plates), retaining pins (plates), guide pins, guide plates, side blades, side compressors, etc. Design positioning parts should be considered easy to operate, should not have been positioned, the location should be easy to observe, it is best to use the forward positioning, profile positioning and pin positioning and so on.
3. Binder, unloading and discharge parts of the press material parts of the pressure side of the circle, such as pressure plate.
The blank holder can press the blanking force on the drawing blank so as to prevent the blank from arched under the action of tangential pressure to form wrinkles. The effect of the sheet is to prevent the blank from moving and bouncing. The effect of the ejector and the discharge plate is to facilitate the removal and removal of waste. They are spring, rubber and equipment on the air cushion putter support, can be up and down movement, the top piece design should have sufficient overhead force, movement to limit. The unloading plate shall be such as to minimize the closing area or to empty the empty slot in the operating position. Exposed discharge plate should be surrounded by a protective plate, to prevent the fingers into or foreign matter into the exposed surface edges and corners should be blunt.
4. Guide parts Guide leads and guide sleeves are the most widely used guide parts. Its role is to ensure that the punch and die in the stamping work with a precise gap. Therefore, the guide column, guide sleeve gap should be less than the blanking gap. The guide posts are located in the lower mold base, to ensure that the upper end of the guide post is at least 5 to 10 mm above the top of the upper mold on the top of the stroke. The guide posts should be arranged at a location away from the module and the press plate so that the operator's arm does not need to pass over the guide posts.
5. Support and clamping parts It includes upper and lower formwork, mold handle, convex and concave mold fixed plate, pad, limiter and so on. The upper and lower formwork is the basic part of the die, and the other parts are fixed on the above. The plane size of the template, especially the front and rear direction should be compatible with the workpiece, too large or too small are not conducive to operation.
Some molds (blanking, punching mold) in order to facilitate the preparation, need to set up under the mold plate. At this time the best plate with the template between the screws connected together, the thickness of the two pads should be absolutely equal. The distance between the pad to be able to exit the subject, not too much, so as to avoid the template fracture.
6. Fastening parts It includes screws, nuts, springs, pins, washers, etc., are generally used standard parts. Stamping die with the amount of standard parts, the design should be used to ensure fastening and elastic erection needs, to avoid the fastener exposed to the surface operating position, to prevent bumps and hinder the operation.
(2) mold design safety points
In the structure should try to ensure that the feed, material, out of pieces, clean up the convenience of waste. For the processing of small parts to prohibit the operator's fingers, wrist or other parts of the body into the mold area operations; for large parts of the processing, if the operator must hand into the mold operation, as far as possible to reduce the range of mold, As far as possible to shorten the body of a part of the time to stay in the mold, and should clear the scope of the mold dangerous area, equipped with the necessary protective measures and devices.
Mold on the various parts should have sufficient strength and stiffness, to prevent the use of damage and deformation during the fastening parts to have anti-loosening measures to avoid accidental injury operator.
Does not allow the occurrence of waste or workpiece missiles during processing, affecting the operator's attention, and even the operator. In addition to avoid punching pieces burr cut the staff. Does not allow the operator to carry out the stamping operation when there is too much action range, to avoid the body to lose stability of the posture; do not allow too much in the operation and too difficult action. Should try to avoid the stamping process with a strong noise and vibration. Mold design should be marked on the total mold weight, easy to install, to ensure safety. More than 20 kg of parts processing should be lifting handling measures to reduce labor intensity. Assembly and removal of mold parts should be convenient and safe, to avoid the folder hand, the possibility of cutting; mold to facilitate the disintegration of storage. In short, even in the mold even if the subtle problems will affect the security, only for each operation in the specific problems of analysis, in order to put forward the safety precautions in the mold.

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