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Mold production process

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1) ESI (early participation of Earlier Supplier Evolvement): This stage is primarily a technical discussion of product design and mold development between customers and suppliers. The main purpose is to make the supplier clearly understand the product The designer's design intent and accuracy requirements, but also to the product designer to better understand the mold production capacity, product performance, and thus make a more rational design.
    2) Quotation (Quotation): including the price of the mold, mold life, mold delivery.
    3) Order (Purchase Order): customer orders, deposit issued and the acceptance of supplier orders.
    4) Production Planning and Schedule Arrangement: This phase requires a response to the customer for the specific date of delivery of the mold.
    5) mold design (Design): may use the design software Pro / Engineer, UG, Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc.
    6) Purchasing materials
    7) Machining (Machining): the process involved in the general car, gong (milling), heat treatment, grinding, computer gong (CNC), EDM (EDM), line cutting (WEDM)
    8) Mold Assembly (Assembly)
    9) mold test mode (Trial Run)
    10) Model Evaluation Report (SER)
    11) Approval of the Approval Report (SER Approval)

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